Hi there, my name is Peter Xu, and I am a Biologist and Designer based in the United Kingdom.

My educational background is in Biology and I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Edinburgh, as well as a Master’s (by Research) degree from the University of York in Biological Sciences.

I also have 5 years of experience working as a web designer, designing, building and managing websites for a range of different industries.

I am now combining my interests in Biology and Design, by journeying into the world of game design to create educational and serious games based on scientfic topics.


I have studied and worked in the biology field since 2016 and during this time taken part in a diverse range of both lab- and field-based research around the world. My educational background is broad, and I have studied topics from cell biology and molecular genetics to behavioural ecology and evolution.

My primary interests are studying the evolutionary and behavioural ecology of social insects as well as the effects of rhythm, climate and the environment on animals.


The culmination of these interests led me to take a Master’s by Research degree in which I conducted a meta-analysis on the evolution of risk-mitigation behaviors within the Formicidae (Ant) family, and looked at whether the predictability of local environmental conditions correlated with choices in these risk-mitigation behaviors.

Some projects I have led or been a part of include:

– Studying the effect of circadian rhythm and feeding cycles on early-stage malaria infections in mice

– Collecting data on the biodiversity of terrestrial invertebrates within the Greek Archipelagos

– Examining the efffectiveness of hand-drying techniques on the removal of bacteria 

Sadly, I have found a divide between games that are educational and those that are fun, and it seems as i the very term “educational game” has become taboo within the industry.

Through my multidisciplinary background as both a biologist and designer, my goal is to create enagaging and fun environments for learning, and to explore new ways to communicate science to the public, and inspire the next-generation of scientists. I am here to redefine what it means to be an educational game.

Game Designer

I have a lifelong relationship with games. Starting from childhood Monopoly nights, to countless hours spent adventuring into the unknown of No Man’s Sky or at a table playing Wingspan with a group of friends.

Games can provide a space for creating community and learning while having fun. They provide opportunities to inspire and engage that few other forms of media do. I would chalk up my very first fascination with the natural world to Pokemon that led me towards a career in the sciences.

Web Designer

I also have over 5 years experience designing and managing websites for a range of industries.

Examples of websites I have built are:

– A company porfolio site for the design engineering consultancy Minazi

– An e-commerce site for the menswear brand Guards London

– A conference and community site for the ISSABC

– A buisness site for the company DC Mens Limited

 I am able to design website experiences optimised for both mobile devices and desktop screens, as well as provide social media management, affiliate marketing and SEO optimisation services.

You can find my porfolio as well as more information on the services I provide here:


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