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Cooperwrite is a community platform aiming to bring a collaborative approach to the way we write. We don’t just provide a space for you to work on projects with people you already know, but also allow you to find other like-minded people around the world who can provide their knowledge, skills and input to help develop your ideas.

We want to enable anyone and everyone to be able to turn the ideas they have into a reality, regardless of their background, qualifications and current skills, by sharing and exchanging the knowledge and skills they do with others. Whether you want to write a novel, create a poem anthology, produce the story board for a game, or piece together a script, we will give you the space and tools to help each other do just that.

Who are we/Who am I?

My name is Peter, and I enjoy writing poetry and coming up with story/novel ideas in my spare time (not that there is much of that these days) and I am currently the entire Cooperwrite team. I have been writing as part of the online community for the past three years and realised that despite the abundance of platforms to post completed work, I did not find a good platform for cooperative writing, where users could help and collaborate with one another on projects. That’s why, in March 2019 I decided to build my own platform to do just that!

I am currently looking for people who would be interested in working with me on the Cooperwrite project. After all, it would be somewhat ironic to build this platform alone. If you have experience in WordPress/web development or app development and are interested in the project, or believe you could provide valuable insight and suggestions for the platform, please don’t hesitate to email me at with a CV and short statement about what you can provide. Alternatively, contact me on one of our social media pages linked below!

The Prototype

We have produced a concept wireframe, outlining the basic functions and pages that we intend to implement in the final version of the site. You can find the prototype by clicking here.

Please note: the prototype does not need any registration/login forms to be filled in, these are purely representational and no data will be collected through these by Cooperwrite.


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