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Just Another Rocket Game


Just Another Rocket Game is a short, three level game in which the player controls a rocket that navigates a rocketship from point A to point B while avoiding increasingly more difficult obstacles. 

Project Aim:

The aim of the project was to allow me to get a grasp of the basics of Unity, writing simple movement and player control scripts, create and add sound effects, and learn to block out levels. In Levels 2 and 3 I attempted to use lighting as a means to guide the player towards the end-point.

What I would do differently:

If I were to add to or re-do this project, I would insert a short cutscene to the start of each level which panned over the full level in reverse (i.e. from the end to the start point). This is to give players a better idea of the direction and location of the objectives, as it became clear that players were not sure where they needed to go on play testing.

Try it out:



A Key – Tilt left
D Key – Tilt right
Spacebar – Boost
Esc Key – Exit game

C Key – Toggle Disable/Enable Collision
L Key – Skip Level

Tools Used:

  • Unity (Version 2020.3.29f1)
  • Audicty
  • VS Code